Rethinking, redesigning and improving the website of a company that is changing the world.

Work done with Open Flow, Inc. When the founder of Footprint approached us with his story and his mission to eliminate plastic waste globally, we were very keen to get involved. Footprint is striving to make every industry more sustainable with our cutting-edge materials.
Footprint had operated a bare-bones website for some years. With their rapidly advancing technology and increasing PR exposure, Footprint needed to redesign their website to align with the goals of their business and their target audience.

Footprint needed a website that functioned as a powerful marketing and communications tool to attract new clients, position itself as a thought leader in the sustainable packing industry and provide credibility to potential joint venture partners. Footprint approached SCI Creations to design and develop a new website. Since 2019, we have gone through many iterations of the site, each time improving and elevating. 

The extraordinary journey of Footprint’s users

After many weeks of gathering all of the crucial information we needed to get started, we focused on several main angles.
Through the eyes of an investor, a client, and the everyday activist, we developed the pathways for each of their user experiences. All those users, with their own very specific needs had to be provided with the information to fulfill their needs and be able to take action easily. Whether that be contacting sales, purchasing products or obtaining information on their sister sites.


Footprint is unique in it’s passionate employees and innovative solutions to a global crisis. Plastic-free solutions are an absolute necessity and Footprint is leading the charge. With clients like: Healthy Choice, Sweetgreen, Tyson, Wegmans and more, Footprint is making huge strides in changing our daily lives. Eliminating plastic from the grocery store is just the first step and there website needed to be able to grow with them.

On the move

The content needed to be accessible and tools usable no matter where you are. From a café on your phone, to the home office, making an impact with Footprint has never been easier. All of the content and user experience was not only optimized for phones, but it was also created to ensure the same comprehensive experience you would get on desktop.


We love it when a plan comes together

A large amount of our time was spent developing the all of the subpages such as the individual product/solution pages which will be launching soon. As well as the impact page which is a central hub for all that Footprint has to offer, with links for everyone to help make an impact.

We were highly successful in launching the website and accomplishing our client’s goals. We were persistent in our communication in order to make sure we fulfilled on all expectations to deliver a well-received finished product. We are happy to have played a role in helping Footprint continue to eliminate plastic waste by developing their digital presence. ​It is also important to remember that the website is evolving and we have been working on it continuously since 2019. We look forward to continuing to improve and optimize.

The results can be viewed here:

On top of that..

We continuously work with Footprint on design projects ranging from digital, to print, and everything in between.

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